Increased call rates

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The news of increasing call rates to Pakistan from 5 cent a minute to 15 cent is terrifying for many people living in other countries. Everyone wants to stay in touch with their loved ones all over the world. is number one in Quality but cheapest way of staying in touch with your friends and family any where in the world. Keep sending letters and greeting cards to anyone anywhere in the world with the most easiest and efficient snailmail system of

I love photographs❤

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This was a wonderful lesson that 2012 taught me and I am very happy. As it is helping me a lot in managing and maintaining my life with my old and new relations. I love 2012 it is a wonderful year for me.

I love pictures and photos. I have taken a lot of family and friend’s photos. They are always a thing to cherish. Whenever I miss someone who isn’t with me at that time I can pick my photo album and enjoy the memories of the time of taking those photos. Now it’s time of digital photography. I have thousands of pictures saved up in my Laptop. But I am a bit afraid of transferring photographs of anyone else than my spouse and I in my android phone. Because I always fear that what if I lost that mobile or someone snatches that mobile from me (God Forbid) I love my android a lot. I have many favorite apps install on it. It’s my routine to check my mobile every morning after opening eyes. I have photos of many festivals and holidays that I celebrated with my friends and family and those photos are not less than a treasure for me.

A wonderful life

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Life keeps going on. It never stops for any reason. Sometimes we are tired and need a break from everything including our jobs, businesses, hobbies, studies or sometimes from people too. It has became a social phenomenon that many of us including me has lost our patience. But life teaches us many lessons. Sometimes we learn then later. With every passing year our life changes in many terms.

In 2012 I learned that it’s not necessary that everything will happen the way we want it to be. I got married but it was a simple ceremony. I was always fond of huge celebrations and functions but my marriage was a sudden decision. They say love is blind and I totally agree with it. I learned that for every relationship we need to be a different person not a bi-polar personality :p I was just talking about changing our behaviors, ways of expression and expectations from different important people in our lives in different situations.

2013 – only a few months left.

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It seems time flies. The year is passing so fast. It seems it was yesterday when everyone was happily yelling Happy new year! Happy 2012. But 2012 is about to end in a few more weeks. Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas and then it will be new year eve. Eid is also about to arrive. The festive season is about to begin. Festive season or these festivals are nothing but a time to enjoy with our friends and family and give our relations a little more time than usual. As these festivals are important and have value in our lives only because of our social life. We can’t enjoy anything alone. We need our family and friends to enjoy these moments.

September has ended yesterday, there are only 3 months left and then 2013 will began. Wow! It’s amazing to realize that every passing day left its mark on our life which is unique from others. What I learned in this year, I’ll write on this topic in my next blog. But this year brought so many different challenges along with many joys in my life.

Beautiful Autumn/Fall greeting cards.

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As fall or autumn has begun, i want to share images of a few autumn greeting cards that are available on

These are a few from the beautiful collection of greeting cards that are available on to be sent by snailmail. is an online service which gives facility to it’s customers to send real paper letter and greeting cards directly from their computers. Isn’t it amazing? Sending real paper letters and greeting cards from computer! which means you don’t even need to leave your home or office to send a letter or card. Here are a few images of fall greetings.


Every scene looks so mesmerizing in autumn. Trees change their colors. Leaves become golden and fall off the plants. The goldenish evenings are to present wonderful sight to it’s viewers.

A beautiful greeting card to wish your friends and family a wonderful fall/autumn season. :)

Reddish or brown maple leaves are a symbol of fall or autumn. Send this beautiful greeting card to your friends and family on this fall. They would love it.
Autumn greetings. Have a fantastic autumn. Autumn red leaf. Autumn leaf.

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Each of us has our own priorities in life but we also have shared concerns with society. We get advantage and contribute our services for the betterment of the society where we belong to.

A few years back people were recognized by their society and country but in today’s world everyone is connected to others all around the world. Many multinational and transnational organizations has emerged on the map of corporate world. So we live in a diverse society. Where people around us may belong to any nationality or community but they are a part of us now or we are a part of them. In such a situation adapting the new cultures and being flexible is very much import for all of us. If we aren’t able to handle this diversity we won’t be able to get ahead in the competition of becoming powerful in terms of business, technology and scientific discoveries.

If we want to be strong, we have to be flexible. Flexible in regard of accepting and adapting change and diversity.


Autumn/fall has begun.

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The transition from summer to winter has started, which means its autumn that has begun. Autumn or fall has different meanings for different people. Many of us get tired from the same routine of our life. Some of us are contented with what they have/are.  For me autumn is the name of a new start. Falling of leaves is sad but still it’s the sign that new leaves with spring up.

Besides this I like autumn for another reason too. I love to walk on and listen the crunchiness of leaves.

Lets wish our loved ones a very happy and blissful time, on the beginning of the Fall.


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Friendship skills

Like all other social skills friendship also requires us some skills. Without those skills we won’t be able to keep hold of this lovely relationship. Friends are always important in our life. They make us feel good and happy. So making friends and maintaining our relationship with them has a lot to do in the our social life. Friends are a part of our life and we share an important part of our life with them.


In my opinion these are the pillars of a strong friendship.

Being responsible:- In my view being responsible doesn’t only includes to do the things that we are asked for but being sympathetic and empathetic also counts in the same category. As unless we understand our friend’s feelings, responsibilities and problems, we can’t be good friends.

Initiator:- Initiating the act of kindness or helpfulness in the time of time is the best quality any friend can have. Don’t wait for your friends to request you for help. If you feel that they need you and it’s appropriate to offer your help in the situation at hand. Go for it. Ask them if you can help them in any way.

Sharing:- Not only in terms of ideas, feelings, fears or other un-seeable things but your possessions too. For example if you are a student, sharing your notes if they aren’t able to make their own. Or helping them with money if they are in need are also a good thing but we should always keep in mind that we don’t hurt their self-esteem.

Confidence:- in our relationship as friends, we should be able to have and keep confidence and secrets. We should never let our friends feel ashamed by disclosing their secrets to others. It will cause our friendship to suffer.

Good friends are a blessing. Making friends is essential to have a healthy life style.




My favorite fruits.

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I love fresh fruits and juices.

On’s greeting card’s collection the Get well soon greeting card which has fruits on it makes me drool and compel me to get and to the fridge and fetch something to eat.


my favorite fruits are:-










Get well soon

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I have headache and fever today. I was wishing not to fall ill or any other thing which makes me lazy as I’ll be taking an exam in a few days. I am taking medicine along with taking care of my diet. Fruits and fresh fruit juice help me gain the energy which i lose during illness.

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